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Fighting Mold

Fight mold growth for a healthy home. Hang the “not welcome” sign with these cleaning tips and learn how to keep windowsills, bathrooms, kitchens, and air conditioners free of mold and mildew. Windowsills. Check the insides of windowsills for mold growth and wash with...

Prep Your Pet

Get Fido and Fluffy ready for in-home service workers. Prep both your home cleaning team and your pets for the encounter. Notify the service provider that you have a pet. Tell your service provider the pet’s name in the event that your pet should become disagreeable or...

Kid Friendly Cleaning

Keep your kids clean throughout their messy summer fun! Try these kid-friendly cleaning advice to clean up messes such as bubble gum, crayon marks, dirt and grime, and lipstick stains. Chewing gum – Whether it’s stuck on the bottom of your shoe or in a pocket, leave item in...

Home Allergies?

Does your home make you sniffle? Use these home cleaning tips to cope with allergies and prevent sneezing and discomfort. Thoroughly clean places where molds flourish, like drain pans under your refrigerator, old flowerpots and shower curtains. Encase box springs, mattresses and...

Unexpected Guests

Be prepared for unexpected guests! Keep this checklist handy for impromptu hosting to eliminate messes and clutter quickly when time is of the essence. Use a laundry basket to pick up miscellaneous items and store in a bedroom closet. Close all doors to bedrooms and other rooms...

Costly Home Products

Are home cleaning products too costly? Consider these healthy, green alternatives for both your home and the environment and learn how to clean your home the eco-friendly way. Mix a paste of baking soda and vinegar to remove stubborn toilet bowl rings. Rub windows down with a...