Booking Questionnaire

    1. What is your name?
    2. What is your phone number?
    3. Do you have an alternate phone number?
    4. Is your property a home or business? HomeBusiness
    5. Please describe your property:
    6. What is the address of the property to be cleaned?
    7. What is your email address?
    8. How did you hear about us?
    9. How many bedrooms do you have?
    10. How many bathrooms do you have?
    11. What is the square footage of your property?
    12. Do you have any ceiling fans, if so, how many?
    13. Not including ceiling fan light fixutres, how many light fixtures do you have? Such as; chandeliers, sconces, track lighting, pendants, etc.
    14. Do you have recessed lighting? YesNo
    15. Do you have baseboard heating, radiators, or central? BaseboardRadiatorsCentral
    16. Do you have pets? YesNo
      If so, which kind and how many?
    17. Do you have high ceilings and or skylights? YesNo
    18. Do you have a fireplace or mantle? YesNo
    19. Do you have ornate moldings, woodwork, paneling, or built-ins? YesNo
    20. Do you have a lot of knickknacks on surfaces? LowMediumHigh
    21. Same for your walls... do you have a lot of picture frames and paintings on your them? LowMediumHigh
    22. Would you consider your home to be a cluttered home, a minimalist home, or something in between? MinimalistClutteredSomewhere In-between
    23. What would you say the conditions, as far as dust is concerned, of the things we previously discussed are?
    24. Do you have granite or stone type counters? YesNo
    25. Do you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen? YesNo
    26. Do you prefer us to use any of your own products, or refrain from using anything in particular in your kitchen for cleaning?
      If so, please explain:
    27. Do you feel as though you have a lot of grease buildup on your cabinets, backsplashes, stovetop and areas around? YesNo
    28. In your bathroom, do you have glass shower doors, walls, or enclosures? YesNo
    29. Do you have a deep tub or Jacuzzi? YesNo
    30. Do you prefer us to use any of your own products, or refrain from using anything in particular in your bathroom for cleaning?
      If so, please explain:
    31. Do you feel as though you have any hard water stains, soap scum or black mold in your bathrooms? YesNo
    32. What are your window treatments ( blinds, shades, curtains etc.) And do you have valances or cornices on top of them?
    33. How many windows about in the property?
    34. What are your flooring materials?
    35. Would you prefer that we use any of your products, or refrain from using anything on your floors?
      If so, please explain:
    36. What would you consider your top three priorities in this cleaning?
    37. Do you need any of our extra items such as cleaning the inside of your oven the inside of your refrigerator, the inside of your cabinets, wall washing, baseboard washing ,door frame and door washing , shutter and blind washing,window washing,move in move out services, or construction cleaning?-items must be requested or will not be done.
      If so, please explain:
    38. Scheduling is of the utmost importance for our service to run smoothly, and we take it very seriously... Do you understand that all cancellations require 72 hour notice or you will be required to pay a $75.00 cancellation fee.
      I understandI do not understand

    *All phone quotes are only, "quotes", and cannot be adhered to before seeing a property. Cleaning takes as long as cleaning takes depending on the overall size, condition and cleanliness of the property as well as the level of detail the customer requests. No cleaning job is alike, so the customer must understand our professional opinion. The crew will walk through the job with you before the time starts and explain what your specific job will entail based on your request. Please have a written list to give to the crew to make sure all your priorities are clear. Once the job starts, we cannot add new tasks until the first list is finished, or, we make an alternate decision with the office. All voucher purchases, are merely increments of time, and not agreements to clean a whole project. You are welcome to prioritize in any manner you like, but this still does not mean your specific items can be achieved in the amount of time you have purchased. Extra time can be purchased on site by calling us to negotiate the price.

    By submitting this questionnaire, you understand and agree to the terms outlined out in the previous paragraph.

    Thank you for choosing Mumz for your cleaning needs and understanding a family owned business, means more attention to detail, more dependability and more accountability!